Our consultants design and facilitate customised trainings and seminars before, during or after our change consultation or strategic events to:

  • Prepare and familiarise decision-making bodies (executive committee, management committee), managers and employees for change
  • Understand what a corporate culture is, how it affects attitudes, behaviours and the way we work
  • Train in collaborative methods and tools to develop cooperation within the company and with various stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Develop managerial agility

Create and equip a network of change leaders and form a community of ambassadors

Some examples…

… of our seminars (1 to 4 days):

  • Collaborative management
  • Becoming an inspirational leader
  • Developing agility
  • Building, federating and leading a strategic project
  • Facilitating change
  • Creating and leading a network of change leaders
  • Turning a management “board” into a management “team”

Yuman Inside…

And… because generosity and pragmatism are some of our core values, we’re offering our “YUMAN INSIDE” program to share our know-how and tools, and to make you independent in managing change within your organisation (company, department, business unit, etc.). This program is designed for a group of 10 to 12 people and lasts eight days (in four two-days sessions over a six-month period) plus a certification day.

Trans-forming ourselves…

Because we are each a component in the system in which we interact, we also offer:

Individual coaching so that each person can develop his/her unique talents or work on areas for improvement for the benefit of the group

Teambuilding seminars to create unity around a mission, a goal or a project and to take ownership of cooperation