Because critical mass is fundamental in accelerating and triggering change, we have developed expertise in designing and facilitating your strategic event. These forums, seminars or hackathons bring together large groups of 30 to 800 employees for one or more days. Each program is co-designed with our clients as we define the deliverables together at every stage and develop the teaching program.

The challenge is twofold: to ensure your participants share a powerful experience that is part of your “employee experience” approach while getting them on board.

At the seminar, we create conditions of trust that encourage sharing and collective intelligence. We generate the friction that triggers the creative spark and we create excitement to raise the energy level. We are constantly innovating and inventing facilitation processes that increase impact and save time. Whether through “games” or specifically designed facilitation processes, we think of everything to increase the number of emergence/convergence moments and minimise wasted time. At the end of each seminar, we draft a summary of contributions, co-constructed with employees, that you can use in the day-to-day leadership of your transformation.

Forums / seminars / annual conventions / workshops

We offer you unique events whatever your working language (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.), far removed from top-down communications, round-tables and other conventional activities. Our intention: to take full advantage of your employees’ presence and intelligence to address the company’s central topics together. The results: accelerated change, your top management and your employees are on board, a changing culture and mindset, redefined ways of working, new managerial practices, new behaviours, and above all, energy that your employees can use to embody and lead the transformation.

Remote forums

For international teams in different time zones wanting to meet without having to be physically in the same room, we propose remote forums held on several sites, synchronously or asynchronously. Our digital platform lets them interact remotely as if they were in a single room, and we design the program to ensure the teams can interact over different time zones. The result: an experience that is both global and local for your participants, with the possibility of calling on speakers on different continents, and mobilising your employees with controlled travel and accommodation costs.

Business solutions forums

If you want to mobilise your teams around a specific problem or if you find yourself at a dead-end in a project, we offer a special forum format that’s dedicated entirely to business/managerial/organisation problem resolution in “co” mode.

The robotics hackathon

We have developed an exclusive hackathon that uses the latest technologies (robots, coding, etc.) to mobilise teams around topics related to cooperation. This hackathon can be integrated in a forum or stand alone.

To facilitate seminars and forums in collaborative mode, we have developed the YUMAN SUITE to collect quickly and facilitate discussions among participants, regardless of the size of the group. It runs locally with secure Wi-Fi and offers applications that teach collaborative work and accelerate, facilitate and increase the impact of the work.

YUMAN Suite 2.0

Some applications: name cloud, editorial teams (to build the future), multimedia library (excerpts of films and articles), voting, engagement, etc. help you optimise collaborative learning and significantly maximise forum productivity.