Stéphane PEYRÉ - YUMAN

Stéphane PEYRÉ

- Consultant -

His Career: A graduate with a BA in Business Studies obtained in Scotland and a Master's from the University of Barcelona, Stéphane completed his studies with a training course at CFPJ Paris. He started his professional career as a consultant at Publicis working on corporate communication issues and HR for international groups such as BP, EuroDisney, Société Générale, EDS, Arianespace, etc. Passionate about business strategy, he is part of the team of "disruptors" who created a new way to access the news on a daily basis called 20 Minutes. 5 years later, his experience in the media world stimulated a new, innovative digital adventure in becoming manager at Viadeo before co-founding MediaSprod, a brand content agency. To communicate the meaning and the messages of their client organisations and the humans who run them in the best possible way, MediaSprod plays the role of a piston ranging from strategic thinking to proper implementation, speaking and promotion to the target audiences. Since 2018, he has been putting his different experiences and his taste for consultation to use for Yuman clients.

His aim: to support them in their constant search for balance with their own ecosystem and to help them to grow their vision as they serve human beings.

His Passions : family and close friends, the evolution of strategies for businesses and start-ups, finding solutions, transmitting and uniting, highlighting talents, the sports that he teaches me (tennis, swimming, skiing, running), politics and society.

In their element, humans find themselves and exist like the soothing babble of water.