Culture & organization

Every company is the result of a history and territories, personalities, a set of beliefs and rules that have shaped the organization's culture. To transform the company in depth towards greater agility and capacity for innovation, we help you to act on mentalities, behaviours, organization and management. All these are "soft" subjects that are essential to invent new "hard" products (products, business models, etc.).

  • 01 — Beliefs Behaviors System
  • 02 — Innovative places
  • 03 — New ways of working
  • 04 — Intrapreneurship programs

Beliefs Behaviors System

B e l i e f s

B e h a v i o r s

S y s t e m

Support based on collective intelligence, particularly via accelerating forums, to influence beliefs and implement new behaviours and organizations.

Innovative places

I n n o v a

t i v e

p l a c e s

Design and animation of new workspaces, support for the implementation of nomadic working methods (flex-office & home office).

New ways of working

N e w

w a y s o f

w o r k i n g

Workshops to learn new work and innovation methods: design thinking, product management, lean analytics and other agile methods.

Intrapreneurship programs

I n t r a

p r e n e u r

s h i p

p r o g r a m s

Turn your employees into intrapreneurs thanks to our intrapreneurship programs based on the design and testing of an innovative project.

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