In the beginning, an American tribe

Originating in northern and southern California (Mexico), the Yuman are an Amerindian group of the Yuman-Cochimí linguistic family. This ancient people was composed of skilful warriors and active traders, maintaining trade networks with the Pima in southern Arizona and with peoples on the Pacific coast. We are inspired by their values and beliefs. For most First Nations, the universal nature of values is essential. American Indians believe in the life force, the bond between humans, flora and fauna. The values that shape their vision of the world encourage giving, sharing, solidarity, freedom, unity and equality of every being. For them, trade and peace are one and the same. They have an unshakeable faith in their cultural vision centred on the development of humans, and believe that respect for the specificity of each link is essential to maintain the entire chain. So, all members of a tribe are part of the collective “we”. They aren’t predators or dominators. They believe that men do not make life, but that life makes men, and that trying to understand life requires following its movement. In all great traditions, life is born from the meeting between the sky and the earth, and is manifested in the four worlds.


We believe that we can prepare the future for future generations by working closely with the leaders who make the world, helping them contribute to the evolution of their vision, and of their way of thinking, of working, of deciding… with a greater awareness and consideration of living beings.

We believe that a company’s only wealth is its people. Their energy and intelligence are the two major components of this wealth. The mechanistic vision of the “utilitarian” company generates a counterproductive state of suffering.

We believe that all companies that do not change to become more agile and adapt to this new world are at risk. And we are convinced that other forms of organisations and companies are possible.

We believe in a generative company focussed on creating sustainable and global value, a business BY and FOR PEOPLE, that respects our planet and every form of life.

We believe in a company that knows how to release and develop energies and intelligence.

We believe that the company can be a place of self-realisation and that work is a path of development. Encounters with reality and with otherness help people develop, grow and discover themselves. Work is a school, a place to learn about life. Each person can do their best when they are in the right place, a place where their gifts can be used most effectively.

We believe that pleasure at work maximises the performance of each person and of the company as a whole. YUMAN is a place of development for people who want to learn and develop, growing in autonomy and ability. We’re a different kind of change and agility consulting firm.


We innovate and are constantly at the leading edge of the methods, tools and technologies that accelerate transformation. Collective intelligence and collaborative practices are our modus operandi.


Are you united within your company? Is how you are or what you do unique?

Being unique, means being ONE, united around a shared culture, a vision, shared business principles allowing the “stakeholders” to share an incomparable experience with the company.

Releasing energies

Where does your employees’ energy go: to defend and maintain the lines and internal territories or to prepare for the future?

Energy is undoubtedly most valuable and most poorly managed resource in the company. Our experience has taught us that energy is rarely taken into account in transformation processes even though there can be no change without energy. That’s why it is essential to channel it so that it can be used optimally.

We’re inspired by the energy approach of martial arts and by the American school of positive psychology. We work to release individual energies around the notion of pleasure and talent, and collective energies by breaking down walls and promoting transversality and diversity. We help channel collective energy in the same direction.

Connecting intelligence

Do you use diversity of talents as a source of wealth? Are you sure your employees’ intelligence is being used well? In a complex world, no single individual has the solution to the problems they face. Today, can any one person claim to have THE solution? It’s only by working together, combining sources of information, sensitivities, reflections and expertise that solutions can be found. Then diversity becomes a source of wealth that is often greater than the knowledge of isolated experts.