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Mission: advise and support companies with their managerial and operational transformations

The senior consultant will manage client relationships independently. From the brief to the proposal, he/she can build and lead overall transformation support solutions within businesses by using and mobilising collective intelligence. They combine strategic consulting approaches with the mobilisation processes for teams and large groups and are able to put them into practice. They are able to create and facilitate site groups to solve problems and advise senior management. They innovate and invent new solutions and actively contribute to content by conceptualising beliefs and approaches through writing articles, documents, etc. They manage a portfolio of clients that they must develop and expand and they contribute to Yuman’s development plans and their implementation.


8 to 15 years of varied experience in consulting and or with businesses, quick witted and quick thinker, loves client relations and driven by deep humanistic convictions. Team player: he/she likes to share, discuss and co-create. Work is a game in which inventing new solutions is the challenge. He/she sees client satisfaction and the pride of a job well done as their greatest reward. He/she understands business and business issues. Pragmatic and realistic, he/she has the temperament of an entrepreneur, which allows them to work independently and use their initiative. He/she is comfortable working in English and possibly in another language.


Consultant in transformation, strategy and management:
– Listen, advise/offer solutions
– Strategic view of business issues
– Experience in business transformation
– Contact and consultant to management committees
– Advise and support the client for the duration of the contract
– Development of client portfolio
– Manage client and budget as a micro-enterprise
– Innovation and development of offers for leading/coaching management teams – team leadership
– Knowledge of collaborative methods
– Supporting content development teams
– Conceptualisation
– Writing
– Networking

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